Sweat the small stuff

Listen, draw on the past, be the change you want to see and consider the small stuff, were key themes at the ChangeHub event held 6 May 2015, featuring Andrea Johansen, Senior Manager Employee Communications, People and Performance at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

In an honest and energetic presentation to thirty change professionals, Andrea shared her story of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s recent move to activity based working and the change approach used to drive cultural change. Her presentation emphasised the:
• importance of a synchronised response to focus, engage, grab attention and take action (drawing on the analogy of the dragon fly)
• relevance of the acknowledging the past and understanding the culture to create stories that build an engaging vision for the future
• significance of the change leader to be the face of change (along with other leaders)
• value of face to face communications and the worth of talking and listening to people
• role of getting staff involved in the change to help make decisions and tell stories
• importance of the “little things”, which can become “big” issues if not managed effectively

The new Bendigo and Adelaide Bank headquarters at 80 Grenfell Street Adelaide was the perfect setting for ChangeHub, particularly the open plan kitchen atrium where the welcome and networking was held.

May thanks to Hood Sweeney for their sponsorship of the event; and of course to Bendigo and Adelaide Bank for their use of the fantastic venue.

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