ChangeHub: The emotion of change

ChangeConnect is excited to present “The emotion of change”, featuring Professor James Carlopio, at the next ChangeHub event.


Wednesday 23 September 2015, from 5.30 to 7.30 pm

Woods Bagot, Level 14 / 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

This event is kindly sponsored by Hood Sweeney and generously supported by Woods Bagot

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The emotion of change

We are taught to keep a stiff upper lip and to maintain the facade. We think we shouldn’t talk about or express emotions, as that is a sign of weakness and instability. As children we are told to be a ‘brave little boy and not cry’, or to be a ‘good little girl and act like a man’.

In other words, emotional expression, openness and honesty have been conditioned out of us. Yet, suppressing emotions doesn’t make them go away. In fact they become a barrier to change.

How can change managers foster a more functional emotional climate to enable staff to deal with, let go of the past and embrace the change? What emotions should change managers be most aware of? How can emotional intelligence help this process? These concepts will be explored and discussed with Professor James Carlopio.

About the presenter


Professor, consultant, author, management educator and researcher, James Carlopio is passionate about the social-psychological side of both organisational and personal change.

Consulting to Australia, Europe, the Middle East and United States, James specialises in the areas of transformational change, organisational change, strategy design and implementation, ‘green’ change, the implementation of innovation and new technology, applying design principles and creativity to strategy design and development, personal change and influence, and organisational and management development. His clients include United Nations (ACT/EMP) in Geneva, Zurich Switzerland, IBM. Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Telstra, Australian Federal Police, General Motors and Ford Motors.

James has published over three-dozen articles and numerous books on various change-related issues, with his most recent fiction publication ‘Sherlock Holmes and the July Crisis’ co-authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is an adjunct Professor at Bond University, ACU, Griffith University, University of Adelaide and Torrens University, as well as lecturer for Executive MBA courses in Australia.

The event is generously sponsored by Hood Sweeney.

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