Agile. The New Black.

Agile. The New Black. |  31 August 2016

Agile is the ‘in word’ for change management at the moment. Yet irrespective of the trend or the hype, the context is relevant – an agile approach to change has rigour.

But what does agile mean to change agitators (aka practitioners)? How does it impact our current approaches? Our frameworks? Our processes? Have our tools now become redundant or are they still valid? And if we are not yet agile, how do we evolve?

Change agility practitioner, facilitator and coach Charlotte Mawle will work through these questions at our August ChangeConnect Hub. In particular she will share her own journey when it comes to:

  • Blending practices from agile and change management
  • Creating an agile change framework, tailored to a unique environment
  • Using strategic and tactical change canvases
  • Co-creating an approach to change and utilising tools that are already in your toolkit

Charlotte’s presentation will be a taster for the Change Optimised Lean Change Workshop being held in Adelaide on the 24 and 25 October 2016.
Event details

Date: Wednesday 31 August

Time: 5.30pm till 7.30pm

Presenter: Charlotte Mawle , Director, Change Optimised & Ro Gorell, Coach, Facilitator, Author, Grow Talent

Venue: Bendigo Adelaide Bank, 80 Grenfell Street, Adelaide

Tickets:  SOLD OUT


About the presenters

Charlotte Mawle is a coach, mentor, workshop facilitator and director of Change Optimised.  Charlotte helps people, teams and organisations to embrace and deal with increasing uncertainty, complexity and rapid change.Charlotte is an expert in supporting leaders and managers to grow their change agility.

Charlotte uses a multi-disciplined approach drawing on ideas and tools from agile software development, Lean Manufacturing, Management 3.0, growth mind-set, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Systems Thinking to support her clients on their change journey. More about Charlotte.

Ro Gowell is a change strategist and coach specialising in getting the best out of change. She draws on coaching and facilitation as the key methods and skill sets to engender change agility.

Ro helps clients create their own change journey blending tools, techniques and methods from: change management, project management, neo-behaviourism (how to create habits) LEAN change and agile, as well as program management. Ro has published several books, including “50 Top Tools for Coaching” and “How to Create a Coaching Culture.”
More about Ro.

Download the brochure


Agile – The New Black


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