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Connecting with people and ‘business-led’ change were the winners at the ChangeConnect 2017 Award held on 9 November 2017.  

Congratulations to the University of Adelaide on winning the ChangeConnect 2017 Award for the Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building project.

“The stand out project for us was one that touched the hearts and minds of the people in the change – it was a true cultural and physical change for the people involved and already has proven outcomes,” said Erma Raneri, Commissioner for Public Sector Employment and a judge of the awards.

The work of Richard Veale, Change Manager, Sonja Graetz, Manager, Communications & Engagement, and the broader University of Adelaide change team was acknowledged and celebrated on 9 November at the ChangeConnect Awards held at Hood Sweeney.

The ChangeConnect Awards also celebrated the work of SA Power Networks for their Red Eye project with a special ‘Innovation in Change’ award, which was presented to Emlyn Hughes, Quality & Business Improvement Engineer.

“We chose to recognise this project because we were impressed by the natural ‘business driven change’ approach used – change wasn’t ‘being done to the staff, they were implementing the change’. It showed the maturity of the organisation in their attitude towards change and that the right leadership is essential to implement this approach,” said Peter Seltsikas, Senior Manager, Asset Management, SA Water and a judge of the awards.

Congratulations also to the other two finalists: Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) for their Waymouth Street relocation project led by Andrew Copus, Manager, Performance and Strategy; and Michelle Griffiths Director Finance and Business Services; and SA Power Networks for their Project Lhotse led by Fiona Longhurst, Change Lead, and Holly Waltham, Change Lead.


Every two years the Adelaide change community is invited to nominate a change project for the awards. Nominations are shortlisted, with a team of independent judges interviewing finalists and choosing the winning project. 

“Through the change awards, we not only had the opportunity to read about four great change stories in Adelaide but also to meet the leaders of the change and learn more about their projects in one-on-one interviews. What struck us most in the interviews was the passion that came from each finalist. Their absolute belief in the project and what they could, and did achieve, with well-considered, strategic and innovative approaches. All the while with great humility,” said Erma Ranieri.


ChangeConnect sincerely thank the judging panel which was led by Commissioner for Public Sector Employment Erma Ranieri, and included Chris Wood, General Manager People, Performance and Culture at Adelaide Football Club, Peter Seltsikas, Senior Manager, Asset Management for SA Water (and 2015 ChangeConnect Award winner), Philippa Hurford, Executive Coach, and ChangeConnect Chair Susan Stewart.

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