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Lo-Res NEW NURSING & MEDICAL SCHOOL-21Join us at on a ChangeConnect Hub ‘walk and talk’ tour of The University of Adelaide, Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building (AHMS) building with Richard Veale and Sonja Graetz, the ChangeConnect 2017 Award winning- change team.

Join us

Tuesday 27 March 2018 7.30 am to 9.00 am
University of Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences Building North Terrace, Adelaide. Meet in Room 3066
Richard Veale & Sonja Graetz
Buy tickets at $30.00 plus Eventbrite fee. Tickets are limited. Includes breakfast, refreshments, presentation and tour.  BYO comfortable shoes.

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Located in the City’s West-End and at a total cost of $246 million, the Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building (AHMS) building is the largest capital works project in the University of Adelaide’s history.

AHMS co-locates the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health and Nursing and positions them adjacent to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital – one of the University’s principle clinical research partners – in a purpose-built teaching and state-of-the-art research facility.

With a progressive change plan, the physical and cultural benefits of this cutting-edge facility are being realised within just a year of relocation. Teams who have not worked together previously are sharing resources, staff, equipment and space successfully. Individuals and groups who were convinced that they could never relinquish their long-standing work methods and offices, have transitioned into a modern, streamlined environment.

Meet Richard Veale and Sonja Graetz, the ChangeConnect 2017 Award winning change team that visualised, implemented and embedded the transformation. Richard and Sonja will share their change journey and provide a tour of the building.


Meet the team

Richard Veale | Change Manager
Richard has worked in the area of change management for over a decade, with a focus on transformational change projects centred around innovative workspace. He has worked for a range of clients across different industry sectors including utilities, tertiary education and the public sector.
Richard is a strong advocate of change management and believes that its application to a project really does make a difference in reducing project risk and delivering business benefits. He offers strategic advice and practical support across: change leadership coaching and support, staff engagement planning; communication planning and execution; and workforce relocation planning and support.

Sonja Graetz | Manager, Communications & Engagement, Infrastructure
Sonja’s communications and engagement career has spanned 20 years, three countries and a range of organisations from local government to gaming and advertising to education. She’s currently employed by the University of Adelaide to manage these priorities for infrastructure, focusing primarily on large-scale building and change projects.
Clear, concise communication is a feature of Sonja’s work, and an understanding that the human element in any project is the most critical to its long-term success.

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