Changing habits for change


Do you want to maximise your usage and adoption amongst your people when implementing changes in your organisation? Then you need to understand how the human brain makes and breaks habits.

Nearly 50% of our daily activities are routine and habit both at work and in our personal lives. The human brain loves to make habits and then operate them on auto-pilot because it saves time and energy.

Most change initiatives require a behaviour change to occur (ie their people need to change the way they behave or interact with others) to fully realise the benefits of the change.

By understanding the science behind how habits are formed in the brain and how to break them will significantly increase your ability to embed changes in your organisation in a sustainable way.


  • The Habit Cycle – understand the 3 elements required for successful habit change.
  • Breaking Bad – identify the triggers of how our brain works against us to implement change.
  • Changing Habit – design your own organisational & or individual roadmap for embedding habits for change.


  • Practical new tools and thinking you can apply immediately back into the workplace to embed change.
  • A deeper understanding and awareness of how the human brain forms habits and why this is important for implementing sustainable change.

Join us
Thursday 31 May 2018 from 12.00  noon – 2.00 pm

The Social Experiment, 205 Pirie Street, Adelaide

Amanda Sheedy

Buy tickets at $30.00 plus Eventbrite fee. Tickets are limited. Includes lunch, refreshments and workshop

RSVP by Monday 28 May 2018

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About Amanda
Amanda Sheedy is a skilled consultant and facilitator specialising in change management, leadership coaching, culture change, business improvement and project management.
Over the last 20 years Amanda has worked with both private and public organisations across diverse industry sectors including defence, mining, utilities, financial and insurance with a proven track record in leading large scale and complex business transformation projects.
Learn more about Amanda’s background and experience at


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This ChangeConnect event is kindly sponsored by The Social Experiment.

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