The disruption of AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest major disruptor for organisations both big and small, private or social. History tells us that the outcome will depend on three types of organisations: innovators using AI to streamline and innovate; followers who use AI to keep up with their competitors; and laggards who fail to plug into the productivity gains and risk going out of business.

What is AI? What does it mean for business and individuals? And what does it mean for those who manage, communicate and/or are a part of the change?

Join Lee Hopkins and Jo Curkpatrick to hear about this digital disrupter and how business’ are capitalising on AI’s promise of productivity gains. This presentation will challenge your thinking and prompt you to ask crucial questions such as: What are you doing to ensure the adoption of AI by your organisation, employees and other stakeholders? How do you engage people when there is fear of losing a job or power? How do you embrace the change of AI disruption when there are so many unknowns?

What better way to envisage disruption than to be immersed in it! This ChangeConnect Hub is held at Bendigo Bank’s new Norwood Branch, which flips the traditional concept of a bank branch by 180 degrees. Not just a place for monetary transactions, the new space has been created to work with customers to enable their lifestyle goals, support the entrepreneurial goals of local businesses and the aspirations of the broader Norwood community.

Date | Wednesday 20 February 2019

Time | 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm ACDT

Venue | Bendigo Bank, 180 The Parade, Norwood, Adelaide, SA 5067

Tickets | Eventbrite 


Meet Lee Hopkins, Business Communication Specialist

I have nearly 30 years of experience helping businesses improve their digital and social communications. Working from a strategic perspective, I help businesses define their communication strategy, goals and the channels they can use to reach and engage key stakeholders.

At the onset, I was at the forefront of the business use of social media, enlightening organisations about the power, influence and value social media for business. I wrote three books about it. Now, artificial intelligence is the new disrupter and I am working again with organisations to initiate their preparations and tap into the potential of this next digital transformational change, while there’s still time.

Meet Jo Curkpatrick, Communication and Engagement Specialist, SCMP MPRIA GAICD

As a highly motivated and qualified professional, my aim is to deliver communication outcomes that meet (and exceed) business objectives. That’s why I’m working with Lee, to use my skills in communication and engagement to deliver sound, innovative and effective results based on my knowledge of people and business, and a passion for great communication.

Having worked across the public and private sectors, and in consultancy—locally, nationally and internationally—I bring skills and experience in internal communication, community and stakeholder relations, brand recognition and credibility, and positive media (print, electronic, digital and social).

I love what I do and my enthusiasm and passion for the value of communication in all its forms to an organisation’s success drives my day.


ChangeConnect is committed to elevating the role of change and enabling professionals to connect and collaborate across specialisations.

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