Adapting the role of change


Adapting the role of change: Chameleon Cards | 17 October 2019

Curious about the future role of change? Thinking about change profiles and expanding your team’s skillset? Want to get into change management?

What started as a fun experiment got a little out of hand. But like all good change has evolved into an innovative and tactile role design tool for professionals.

True to their namesake’s nature, Chameleon Cards have many applications in the change arena, including:

  • Challenging change professionals who are curious about their future roles.
  • Supporting leaders to identify skills and capabilities for a change person on their team.
  • Defining change roles and helping recruiters, learning and HR professionals looking to write better position descriptions and set expectations for business partners and candidates.
  • Elevating the impact of change and encouraging professionals who want to move into change from their current career point.

Join change rebel and co-creator of the Chameleon Cards Gilbert Kruidenier, at an interactive ChangeConnect Hub to learn and play with the tactile cards and apply them your next change role challenge. 

Join us

When          Thursday 17 October 2019 from 5.30pm to 8.00pm

Where         Hotel Richmond,  Level 2, Private Balcony Room

How             Buy tickets $30.00 plus Eventbrite fee.

More   and

Download the flyer


Meet the creators of the Chameleon Cards

Gilbert Kruidenier and Peter Phan have been friends since their very first coffee date in May 2016. Peter had just launched his business and Gilbert had just arrived in Melbourne from the ACT. Many collaborations with very diverse clients and more than a few volunteer projects later, they still don’t quite know what makes them work so well together, just that they do!

Peter brings the conceptual thinking and translation to imagery, while Gilbert brings the words and crazy ideas and just like that, they simply let the process run its course. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you put aside conventional ideas and business rules about how things are ‘supposed to be done’ and instead create things that are just waiting to be made!


ChangeConnect is committed to elevating the role of change and enabling professionals to connect and collaborate across specialisations.

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