Community Announcement – Welcome aboard

Introducing your new ChangeConnect Board

ChangeConnect, a not-for-profit association, is an innovative change management group committed to enriching the profession and enabling practitioners to connect and collaborate across specialisations and organisations.

Through regular catch-ups, networking and events, a growing community has emerged, and the recently installed Board are excited about the opportunity to elevate this offering.

Thank you to immediate past Board Members, Sue Stewart, Felicity McNish, Louisa Andreucci and Andrea Johansen for your leadership and contribution to change management. You have left big shoes to fill!

Who are we, your new Board Members?

Jason Alford – Chairperson

Megan Skapin – Board Member

Jess Tovara – Board Member

Edwina Chapman – Board Member

Collectively, our aim is to facilitate a dynamic network with a common interest in change management, one that encourages the growth of skills, the sharing of ideas, and human connection. By facilitating this community, we hope to influence and shape the success of the change management profession.We look forward to connecting with like-minded people to promote and encourage a change management community across Adelaide and South Australia.

Warm regards,
Jason, Megan, Edwina and Jess

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